Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saturday October 8th

Aussie camping.  The tent sits on top of the truck…used for real Outback touring.  Think the crawly things have more trouble climbing the ladder to get inside.

We headed back to Uluru to Mititjulu water hole.  Annette saw it the night before after we had separated and knew I shouldn’t miss it.  It made for a quiet picturesque breakfast setting on one the many artistic benches you see here. 

Just 50 km from Uluru is Kata Tjuta (The Olga’s) another must see. The name means many head which describes it perfectly.  It is just as awe inspiring.  

 We did the 2 mile Walpa Gorge walk and the longer Valley of the Wind.  

 Uluru is thought to be a single rock forced up by geologic folding.  Kata Tjuta was likely many rocks, compressed composite then folded and pushed up creating the huge bolder appearance of Kata in contrast to Uluru a single intact stone head.
The wild life warning signs are different here.  Instead of the usual deer or elk as we'd see, you get the Kangaroo or lizard.  We did see lizards on the Olga trails.

 The beautiful Zebra Finches flit about in large groups nesting low in the trees.

 We saw sunset on Kata Jtuta then headed back for another meal.  Same menu for us and ditto on the Ibuprofen, shower and bed.

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