Friday, December 11, 2009

Devil Marbles

Pete, the safety officer had told us to make sure we stopped by Devil Marbles.It was right off the road and we had gotten ahead of the race car and took a moment to stop. We had fun seeing what we could and playing on the rock and taking picture. Got Annette to pose holding  the rock just right. It a great place to spend stop but we re behind the car now and wouldn't catch up till the end of the day.

We have been traveling in the Northern Territory and were always fascinated by the termite mounds that we drove by. They came in all shapes, sizes and colors.there are 2600 species of termites in the world and Australia has over 350 types in Australia There were just fields of 2' tall slender mound that were 5' on center that looked like.chess pieces. A local tells us that if they get much bigger you need a tractor to knock them over and you can climb all over them with out bothering anything. The large ones are Cathedral that are incredible large and solid. It wasn't easy to climb in shorts but I had to try.