Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monday October 10th

Off to Katherine Gorge which we briefly visited last race.  We were enchanted and wanted to see more this time than our 30 minute hike had allowed.  Driving in, bush fires were the main stay of the landscaping. 
 We choose to do the tourist thing and take a boat ride up into the first 2 gorges, there are 13 gorges in all.

During the dry season they are broken up by rock dams.  During the wet season the water can rise 12 meters and flow at 60-70 knots…yes I did say knots.  Consider that the Rogue River flows about 10 knots on the average rapid.  

 One of many trees well suited to arid life.

When the water flow connects the gorges the “Salties” (Salt Water Crocodiles) come into the gorge.  They have traps to capture them and make the waters safe for swimming.  They leave the “Freshies” (fresh water crocodiles) since they only eat small fish and birds.  Salties get up to 7 meters or more, Freshies just up to 2 or 3 meters. 

Kookaburra, happy to steel food if you let it.

Wallabies are accustomed to humans and are willing to lets us get close.  The babies are great fun to watch, leaning out of the pouch just enough to graze and have a look around or thrashing around all tucked inside.

Drove just 700 kilometers today Dunmarra to Darwin.  On arrival to Darwin we headed straight to the track and went to work.  Job number one was applying the large sponsor stickers to the trailer…it takes a crew to get them on straight without wrinkles everywhere.

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